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DAUREMA Cargo bike battery 48V - 30.4Ah - 1460Wh - DA140 - aluminum shell - repairable - without welding

This DAUREMA 48V - 30.4Ah - 1460Wh - DA140 repairable cargo bike battery , made up of 140 lithium-ion cells, has been specially designed to be placed in the storage compartment of a cargo bike. Its rectangular parallelepiped shape with dimensions L300xH330xD103mm allows easy integration, while its handle allows easy handling, particularly for loading. Its weight is 10Kg .

Its polished aluminum shell gives it a unique, modern and refined design, which will highlight the brand of any bicycle manufacturer.

Daurema attaches importance to the ecological and recyclable aspect of its batteries, but also to the long-term satisfaction of its customers. In this context, this battery, which is manufactured in the Daurema production unit, in Belgium, is repairable and reconditionable for life .

Capacity and Autonomy

The capacity of the DA140 48V battery is 1460Wh , which allows you to travel approximately 100km in a cargo bike with a full charge.

Waterproofing and Durability

The DA140 battery is IP65 and resistant to splashes, as well as heavy rain. Its aluminum shell with interior foam gives it good shock resistance .


This model is seamless.

Current batteries include small lithium-ion cells welded together in a pack, which makes it difficult to dismantle.

Daurema has created a seamless lithium cell connection system, modeled on Lego blocks, with two printed circuits pressed against the cell supports, and a battery management system that clips onto the assembly.

This system makes the battery easily repairable and reconditionable, in addition to being safer and more reliable.

Connectivity and Installation

The DA140 battery has the following connections:

  • Charging/discharging: a single XLR 3pin male port
  • Wireless: none. No wifi, no bluetooth. Non-communicating battery.

The DA battery is easy to install. Simply position it in the bin of your cargo bike and connect the controller cable to the XLR discharge port.

When charging, simply connect the XLR port of the charger to this same port.


The DA140 battery is compatible with all cargo bikes that have the following characteristics:

  • Motorization: 48V
  • Controller: 30A max, XLR 3Pin female discharge port, non-communicating with battery

Check the technical data sheet and contact the bike manufacturer to confirm compatibility.

Buttons and Indicators

The DA140 battery is equipped with a 4-light capacity indicator. Just press the indicator button to display the battery capacity: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

An on/off button also allows you to turn the battery off or on. It is recommended to turn on the battery only when in use, in order to preserve battery capacity.

Charger and charging time

A 48V - 4A charger , tested and certified, which does not overheat, is supplied with the battery. The charging time for a 1460Wh battery is 8 hours .

Second life cells & circularity

Daurema uses sorted reused cells , at 95% capacity, in good condition, verified and tested, from used batteries, in order to manufacture this battery with guaranteed capacity . This recycling allows each lithium cell to be used for longer, avoids their premature crushing, and therefore reduces the quantity of greenhouse gases released by the battery.

Repairability & refurbishment

The DA140 battery is repairable and reconditionable for half its purchase price .

Its optimized interior design made up of 3D printed parts allows for safe and rapid repairability .

Belgian manufacturing

The DA140 battery is designed and assembled in Belgium , in the Daurema workshops.


Anti-theft option

An anti-theft support is offered with this battery.

Certification & security

Safety is the priority for Daurema, both for our teams and for our customers.

All Daurema batteries are CE certified and therefore comply with current standards for the safety of lithium batteries. They meet in particular the regulations on the safety of IEC-62133-2 batteries, and on the transport of batteries UN38.3 .

Daurema also tests each battery leaving the production line, particularly for overload, over-discharge and short-circuit, to ensure that each battery delivered to our customers is reliable and safe.


Each battery is packaged in accordance with the regulations in force for the transport of lithium batteries. The battery is packaged, according to an ADR procedure, in antistatic film, then carefully placed in a double-corrugated cardboard box filled with vermiculite (fire-resistant) meeting UN3480 and UN3481 requirements, regulations which govern the packaging and labeling of batteries lithium.

The battery is then shipped via a carrier specializing in the transport of lithium batteries.


Each battery is guaranteed for 2 years . Beyond this period, Daurema reconditions or repairs your battery for half the purchase price .

Technical characteristics

This battery has the following characteristics. You will also find, on our downloadable technical sheet, the entire technical description.

Electrical Specifications

Référence DA140
Tension nominale 48V
Energie 1460Wh
Capacité 30,4Ah
Chimie Cellules 18650 lithium-ion de seconde vie
Configuration des cellules 14S10P
Courant de décharge max. 30A
Certifications CE; IEC 62133-2; UN38.3
Garantie 2 ans
Réparable / reconditionnable Oui

Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions L300 * W103 * H330 mm
Poids 10,5kg
Coque Aluminium poli
Sécurité anti-vol En option
Bouton On/Off Oui
Indicateur de capacité Oui
Port de charge/décharge XRL 3pin male
Étanchéité IP65 (résiste à la pluie)
Résistance aux chocs IK08
Courant de décharge max. 30A

Learn more about Daurema, Belgian manufacturer of repairable and reconditionable lithium batteries

Learn more about Daurema, Belgian manufacturer of repairable and reconditionable lithium batteries

Belgian designer and manufacturer of repairable and reconditionable lithium batteries , Daurema offers a complete range of electric bicycle batteries and household batteries . Committed to ecology and technological innovation, our bicycle and home lithium batteries are designed using seamless assembly technology, offering unprecedented repairability, as well as an unrivaled lifespan on the market. Our ecological commitment is also reflected in the use of reused lithium-ion cells for the manufacture of our solar batteries for homes and VAEs .

With Daurema, choose a solderless, repairable battery manufactured in Europe to power your electric bike or your autonomous home , and open the way to more sustainable energy.