Seamless assembly

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Technological Renaissance of Lithium-Ion Cells

Cell reconditioning: Circular economy in Belgium

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Resistance and longevity

Traditional soldering techniques can be a source of failure in batteries. At Daŭrema, we have innovated with solderless connections to eliminate the risks of heat stress and corrosion, resulting in exceptional durability and reliability you can count on.

Increased energy efficiency

Our solderless technology minimizes internal resistance, providing optimal electrical conductivity. This efficiency translates into batteries that charge faster and last longer, maximizing the range of your electric bikes.

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Safe and stable use

Thermal stability is essential for battery safety. Our solder-free methods promote even temperature distribution, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring confident use.

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Simplified maintenance

Maintenance becomes child's play with our modular batteries. Cells can be easily replaced, extending battery life. In addition, this flexibility allows batteries to be designed to fit the limited space of electric bikes, optimizing weight and performance.

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Reduction of environmental impact

Daurema is committed to the environment. Our seamless manufacturing processes reduce the use of harmful substances and reduce waste. By choosing our batteries, you are opting for technology that respects the planet.

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