Technological Renaissance of Lithium-Ion Cells

Cell reconditioning: Circular economy in Belgium

Advanced reconditioning process

Daurema stands out with a sophisticated reconditioning methodology. We start with a rigorous sorting of used lithium-ion cells from the Benelux. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, we assess their state of health and regeneration potential.

Selection and upgrading

Only cells meeting our strict performance criteria are selected. We then apply a reconditioning process to them that includes charge regulation, cell balancing and replacement of critical components. This meticulous approach guarantees a complete restoration of their capacity and reliability.

reconditionnement - 4

For the circular economy

Reconditioning is carried out in our Belgian facilities, where each cell is transformed into a product that supports both the local economy and the circular economy principle. We ensure that our process is not only technical but also ethical, minimizing waste and maximizing the use of resources.

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