Freedom of connection, guaranteed versatility

Universal compatibility of Daurema batteries


Compatibility without complications

Daurema is revolutionizing the use of batteries for electric bicycles and domestic applications by eliminating compatibility barriers. Our batteries are designed to operate without direct communication with the motor, allowing easy adaptation with various controllers without requiring complex electronic adjustments.

Tailor-made micro-mobility

Discover urban freedom with our compact battery offering up to 50 km of autonomy. Specially designed to fit discreetly into frame bags, it is the ideal ally for your short daily journeys.


Long distance and cargo mobility

For extended journeys or transporting loads, opt for our robust batteries with a range of 100 km. With a standard Hailong housing and a specially designed bracket to attach to the water bottle holder location, they install with no modification required on your bike.


Extended capacity for heavy cargo

The range needs for heavy cargo bikes are specific. Our 150 km battery, equipped with a handle for easy handling, is placed and fixed perfectly in the trailer of your cargo bike thanks to a dedicated attachment system.


Domestic autonomy

Embrace energy self-sufficiency with our battery design similar to that of the heavy cargo ship, capable of storing solar energy to power your home. Compatible with the majority of hybrid inverters on the market, this solution is transportable and can be connected in parallel for increased capacity.

Our vision is to provide reliable and flexible energy, effortlessly adapting to your needs and lifestyle. Daŭrema stands for compatibility, performance and durability.

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