Zipforce Slim - Plug & Ride 40Km e-bike kit - Express Installation

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Zipforce Slim - 40Km e-bike electrification kit - Easy installation 30 MIN

The Zipforce Slim is a new generation of bicycle electrification kit, allowing you to transform your bicycle into an electric e-bike. This kit consists of a module containing a battery, a motor, a pad, and an automated management system. The pad, in contact with the wheel, will make it rotate by friction.

Its success lies in its very simple and quick installation, compared to other kits. It clips onto a support that can be installed on the front or rear wheel. We also clip a sensor onto one of the pedals and that's it: simply turn on the force zip and adjust the assistance power. All management is automatic: no cable to pass or controller on the handlebars.

It is the lightest on the market, only 2Kg, and offers a range of 20 to 40 km.

Everything you need to electrify your bike is included in this Zipforce kit.

How does Zipforce work?

The wireless pedal sensor activates when you pedal and the motor provides assistance based on your pedaling speed. It stops when you stop pedaling. Everything is automatic, no controls on the handlebars.

The module, clipped onto the front or rear wheel, contains a dense rubber pad, activated by a motor, which will drive the wheel by friction.

With Zipforce, you can ride up to 25 km/h, which is the maximum speed allowed for e-bikes. The Zipforce offers an adjustable level of assistance, allowing you to choose how much assistance is provided to propel the bike. You can adjust the assistance level continuously with a control on the motor or via the Zipforce mobile app.

The electric motor is easy to detach and attach, allowing you to decide when you want to ride at normal power and when you want a little help.

Basic or smart features to choose from

The application and smartphone are not necessary to use zipforce, since it works automatically.

However, if you wish, you can install the application and manage different options on the Zipforce, such as lighting, energy recovery, or tracking your trips.

All Zipforces come with built-in lighting.

Installation – Choose between front wheel and rear wheel

The Zipforce Slim is set by default to operate on a front wheel. For installation on the rear wheel, you must install the application, connect via bluetooth to the zipforce, and choose "Reverse Mode" so that the electric motor works in the right direction for the rear wheel.


The Zipforce application allows you to view statistics and adjust settings for your Zipforce. The app is free for Android and iOS users.

Daurema test

Daurema installed the zipforce kit on the front wheel of a bicycle. Here is the feedback:

  • Unpacking: professional packaging, kit tightly packed in the box to withstand transport shocks, with very clear illustrated quick installation instructions
  • Installation: it took us 45min in total, due to a mudguard to uninstall and reinstall. No particular problem: we installed the support on the front fork and the sensor on the pedal very quickly. You must be careful about the possible adjustments when installing the support, so that the zipforce, once clipped onto it and then pressed onto the wheel, provides good adhesion. We had to try twice.
  • Use: clip on, then turn the screw so that the zipforce compresses the front wheel a little (but not too much), then press ON. You can then drive, and notice that the assistance works well. What a joy to have a kit that is so easy to install.

Technical specifications

Puissance nominale du moteur 250W
Tension nominale 22.2V
Energie 250Wh
Batterie 9,6 Ah/211 Wh
Temps de charge 2,5 heures (chargeur 4 A)
Autonomie estimée max/min 40/20 km (24/12 miles)
Vitesse maximale avec assistance 25 km/h
Poids du moteur et de la batterie 2,0 kg
Poids du support et du capteur de pédale 0,3 kg
Poids du chargeur 0,4 kg
Dimensions du moteur 275x107x80 mm
Connexion PAS Sans fil
Émissions de carbone 29,2 kg/CO2e

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